While Maryland is celebrating the recent decline in unemployment to 4.2 percent, the data also reveal that the Baltimore metropolitan area is now adding jobs more slowly than any of the nation’s twenty-four largest communities.  Moreover, the establishment data indicate that much of the economic slowdown has occurred in the suburbs, not the city.  Over the past year, the Baltimore region has added just 0.6 percent to its employment total according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Neighboring Washington, D.C. has added 1.5 percent to job totals.  The Orlando metropolitan area leads the way with an astonishing 4 percent performance, followed by Dallas, Tampa, Atlanta, and Charlotte.  Each of these regions has experienced job growth exceeding 3 percent over the past year (May to May), which means that they are adding jobs at least five times faster than Baltimore.


Job Growth, 24 Largest MSAs

June 22nd, 2017

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